Troker is a world-class band with a distinctive groove that mixes jazz, rock, funk, and  Mexican traditional music; their electric and eclectic energy can bring an audience to its feet.

A contemporary expression of the Mexican music scene, with a sound that travels between the sublime and dangerous. That is why if Salvador Dalí ever made a heist movie, they would have been the perfect soundtrack. Sound is surreal.

“Noisy, chaotic, sprawling, messy, and altogether wonderful”:
- All About Jazz.

With the goal of creating mesmerizing rhythms and present unrepeatable live act experiences, Troker have toured in 19 countries, giving more than than 150 concerts abroad.

One of their most outstanding moment was when they became the only band to appear in consecutive years in the official lineup of the Glastonbury Festival. Later, the New York City Jazz Record selected Troker’s show at the Winter Jazz Fest as “One of the best concerts in NYC in 2015”.

Troker is the only Mexican band that has been selected by the most important music conferences in Europe for  jazz and world music, Womex and JazzAhead.

In Latin America they have been official selection of Circulart, FIMPRO and ENARTES; and 2016 they were selected as winners of the grant for touring the United States with the support of Southern Exposure: Performing Arts of Latin America; after which the band got the invitation to perform and record a Tiny Desk Concert for NPR in 2017.

We are talking about a jazz band that is much more than a group of soloists; six musicians from different parts of Mexico with different influences but the same goal of creating mesmerizing rhythms and present unrepeatable live act experiences.

“The band's compositions are journeys — as you watch them live, keep in mind that you are indeed witnessing history being made. Hopefully, Troker and others can make México a jazz destination”. - NPR


Troker arrived on the Guadalajaran jazz scene in 2004 and the ensemble has only become more innovative with time. The frenetic grooves and playful jam sessions made them one of the favorite bands in the growing jazz scene in the country. Even before having a record, they began to share stage with international jazz exponents as Medeski, Martin & Wood, Sex Mob, Lounge Lizards, and Groove Collective. But it was until 2007 with the release of their first album “Jazz Vinil” that the band decided to make Troker a way of living.

Troker’s desire has always been composing instrumental music, free of labels, sounds that altogether express who they are and where they come from, so at some point in their creative process, involving rock, progressive and hip hop into their music was totally natural; this is how the sound of the band is transformed with each album and cultivates their own possibilities to compose music with so much identity.

We're talking about a band that is much more than a group of musicians promoting records; the six musicians are concerned about their community and have worked with plastic artists, filmmakers and advertisers. They support actively music education, participate economically in the Mexican creative industries and are always doing social service.

“The band is well connected and can accelerate and brake hard without any ragged edges…” - Elliott Simon / The New York City Jazz Record



Release Date: November 16, 2018



Frankie Mares - Drums
Samo González - Bass
Christian Jiménez - Piano and keyboards
DJ Sonicko - Turntables
Chay Flores - Trumpet
Diego Franco - Clarinet and Saxophones

Special guest:
Vocals on One Thousand Million Eyes - Renee Mooi
Vocals and Vocal arrangements on Coyote - Freedom Bremner

Recording: Frankie Mares y Nelson Sánchez en FM Studios (Guadalajara, Mexico.)
Except One Thousand Million Eyes - Recorded on Valenzo Studios (CDMX).
Mix y Mastering: Nelson Sánchez y Gerry Rosado.

Music Producer: Alonso Arreola.
General Production: Fíjate que Suave.
Executive Production : Ana Rodríguez.