The Kandinsky Effect

"TKE consists of drummer Caleb Dolister, bassist GaelPetrina and saxophonist Warren Walker. For 10 years, the trio has been refining their approach towards instrumental composition and production. Their music is multi-textural, adventurous, dark and rhythmic; it can be equally filled with risk and cohesion while navigating atypical time structures. Petrina and Walker’s appreciation for electronica inspires their methodical use of effect pedals to create lush dimensions of texture, and Dolister’s open admiration of heavier bands like Meshuggah or crossover projects like Jaga Jazzist often influences a rigor and attack in his drumming paired with polyrhythmic complexity. Despite the challenges of not easily identifying with a specific genre, there are clear undertones of Pop, Rock, and several flavors of Electronica. But before any genre is applied, the primary focus is always on composition, as often most of the pieces are composed from the first note to the last. This helps a project rooted in jazz to never come off as unintentional, lost in direction, dissonant or arrhythmic. Instead, most pieces will identify less with the avant-garde than will Pop. Each band member comes from strong background founded on improvisation and jazz-studies, and there are many opportunities for the songs to open up for solos or playful group exploration. But it is with maturity and experience that they manage to sound like a band fully realizing a solid musical vision, rather than a band grasping toward one."


“Using jazz as a method, not as a genre” - approaching modern music concepts with the skills learned from jazz education

Discussion topics

1. Band background

a. An introduction to the band, how we formed, what we have done, how
we have developed as a project, and our musical goals as an ensemble

2. Instrumentation Overview

a. Working with pedals, effects, and extended techniques with saxophone,
bass, and drums
b. The roles and responsibilities for each band member in a chordless trio
c. Playing supporting roles and being more than a soloist

3. Composition

a. How our individual backgrounds influence composition
b. Composing for a chordless trio, writing sections for improvisation
c. Using effects as part of the composition

4. Arranging & Rehearsals

a. Rehearsing and learning material for a tour as an international project
b. Importance of internalizing the material as much as possible

5. Responsibilities beyond the music

a. There are no free rides - everyone must contribute other skill sets to the life
of the project
b. Balancing efforts to book tours vs cultivating your presence in your local
music scene

Clinic Syllabus and Timeline

  1.  Approximately 10-15 minutes of playing, including 1-2 songs
  2.  Discussion
  3.  Approximately 10 minutes for student questions
  4. Closing performance of 1-2 songs (depending on remaining time)