01 We Are The Last Poets

This Wind You Hear Is The Birth Of Memory. When The Moment Hatches In Time’s Womb, There Will Be No Art Talk. The Only Poem You Will Hear Will Be The Spear Point Pivoted Into The Punctured Marrow Of The Villain, And The Timeless Native Son Dancing Like Crazy To Retrieved Rhythms Of Desire Faded Into Memory. Therefore, We Are The Last Poets Of The World. And The Question Is Not Whether The World Is Ready For Change But Rather Are You, Niggaz.

02 For The Millions

~ Intro/bg Vocal ~

For You

And You

For You

And You

For Youuuuu

~ Abiodun Vocal ~


For The Millions….(repeats)

For The Millions Of Africans

Chained To The Slaves Ships

For The Millions Of Scars

On The Faces By The Bullwhip

For The Millions Who Jumped Overboard

For The Blood That Poured

On The Shores Of North America

South America Central America Europe

And Each Ripple In The Ocean

Is A Grave For An African

Who Refused To A Be A Slave

For The Millions

Who Cut The Cane Picked The Cotton

Whose Names Have Been Forgotten

Whose Flesh Has Rotted

With The Trees They Hung Us From

Cut Out The Tongues

Cut Off Our Hands

If We Played The Drums

For The Millions Who Were Shot Hung Beat To Death

Tar And Feathered Boiled In Oil

Whiplashed Backlashed

Croc Sacked And Thrown In The River

Castrated Mis-educated Segregated

Integrated Legislated By The Constipated

For The Millions Who've Been Lied To

Denied To Vampire Eyed To

Misguided To And Not Abided To

So We Decided To Get Together

And Change The Weather

Not Just For Now But Forever

We Decided To Love Each Other

Stop The Madness

And Be Real Sisters And Brothers

We Decided To Stop And Take A Look

At The Beauty Of Ourselves

At This Colored Skin

And This Thick Hair

And These Full Lips

And This Africa Inside Our Souls

Still Breathing The Breath Of Gods

In Our Lungs

Greatness Is Where We're Coming From

For The Millions Who Marched Sang

Prayed Sat In Lived In Jailed In

Boycotted Picketed Spit At Cursed At

Yelled At Like Blacks Not Where It’s At

And We Should Be Satisfied

To Ride In The Back

For The Fanny Lou Hamers And The Rosa Parks

And The Eula Mae Johnsons And Harriet And

Solourner And Eleanor Bumpers And

Assata Shakur And Gwendolyn Brooks

And The Martins And The Arthurs

And The Deacons The Panthers And James

And Langston And Richard Paul Malik

Marcus And Nat And Cinque And Kunta Kinte Too

For The Millions Who Know Those Who Have Always Known

That No Matter What

"Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again"

No Matter How Many Bullets And Prisons

Diseases And Deaths

No One Can Take Our Breath Away

We Are Here To Stay

No Matter How Much Liquor And Crack

Nothing Can Kill The Fact

That We Are A Divine Creation

Started Civilizations

Built The Pyramids And The Sphinx

Taught The World

How To Pray And Think

Not Mention Inventions

We Never Got Credit For

And All The Babies We Raised

Even When Our Own Were Ignored

For The Millions With Fire In Our Souls

That Burns So Bright

And The Strength Of Our Will

As Dominant As The Night

And The Rhythm When We Walk

And The Rhythm When We Talk

Even When We Have Nothing To Say

We Utter Sounds

That Put Color And Spice In The Day

For The Millions

Who Are Ready To Turn This Thing Around

Who Are Tired Of Being Tired

And Crawling On The Ground

It's Time To Return

To Our Spiritual Home

Reclaim Our Throne

And Leave This American Nightmare


03 A.M. Project

~BG Vocal throughout~

What Happened To The Rhythm Yeah,

What Happened To The Rhythm? (2X)

~Umar Recites~

The Media Has Been Alerted To The Brave New World With Action Packed Comedies Full Of Navy Seals And Dirty Blondes. Welcome To The Revolution Where Ex-cia Madmen Go Awol In Children’s Cartoons. No Deposit No Return. A Sickness Prevails In The Land… The Keepers Of The Watch Are Fondling The Children. Youthful Madness Chasing Games Around The Fire. Malt Liquor Grins Dripping With The Sacrifice Of Innocence. The Blood In Their Eyes Smile So Defiantly At Their Wounds. Teasing And Following Laughter To Its Death. Dancing In The Joys Of Casual Violence And Polite Discussions Of Their Senseless Acts. Screaming Songs Of Big Time And Champagne Into The Dreams Of Open Sores That Lurk And Scheme In The Shadows Of Clouds Of Smoke. Begging For Slow Rides In Silent Ambulances To Well Stocked Morgues Where Rhythm And Blues Oozes Out Of Muted Loudspeakers. Wholesale Genocide At Discount Prices. America Love It Or Leave It. Bloated Egos With Small Minds Baptizing Murder In The Name Of God And Everything We Hold Sacred. Mickey Mouse… Donald Duck… Forever Let Us Wave Our Banners High High High… Sitting Here In The Midst Of Falling Leaves Overwhelmed By This Symphony Of Freedom. Letting Go… Letting Go… Of Others Who Want To Claim All Of This As Their Own. A Rat Makes Its Presence Known Keeping All… Things Real. Screeching… And Scurrying To Nowhere Fast. Trapped In Its Own Greed And Grandiose Visions Of Self-destruction. Women Caressing Jagged Tears While Kissing Their Frustrations With Stolen Moments. Their Pain Exploding Into The Darkness Of Shall I Try This One More Time. Cocaine Has Become The Law And Order Of Big Business And Corruption Riding Through The Streets On The Frowns Of Rookie Cops Who Relieve Their Frustration In The Cold Blooded Antics Of Shoot To Kill. My Country… Sweet Land Of Napalm And Unwritten Poems Of Soprano Saxophones Crying For Those Tears That Are Stuck In Reverse And The Latest Cable T.V. Channel. And I Hear The Voice Of Nature Whisper The Victory Is Yours If You Want It. The Victory Is Yours If You Want It. Love The Children In The Beginning To Save Them From The End. Somewhere I Hear A Revival. Somewhere I Hear Bop Playing. The Voice Across The Waters Standing In The Dark. Mintons Was A Shrine To The Diaspora. Mink Speaking In The Tongues Of His Ancestors Denouncing The Frail Mediocrity Of You People Didn’t Come From Anything. Somewhere I Hear A Revival. Somewhere I Hear Bop Playing. It Is Paying In The Hip Hop Walks Of Young Boys Who Hit Strange Notes With Hands On Triggers. Bam… Bam… Bam… Max Roach Picks Up The Beat. Rhythms From The Bush. Passionate And Vital Information. Intense Stares Into The Memories… Of Warriors… Lovers Of Children And The Protection Of Women Who Now Seek Protection In The Distant And Foreign Fears Of Dying At The Hands Of Desperate Choices. Bird Lives. Bird Lives… In The Death To All You Hip Ofay Lies Lost In The Darkness Of Oversized Berets. Sucking My Blood With Your Well Publicized And Try Juvenile Poetry. I Play For The Gods. I Play For Allah. I Play For All Those Souls… Lost In Your Pretentious Smiles And Cool Jazz As I Continue My Journey Home. You Stole My Father. You Stole My Mother. And Now You Try To Deny This One Last Tribute To God. You Will Not Rejoice In My Death. You Can’t Kill Bop… The Brotherhood Is Strong. Get ‘em Junior. Get ‘em Junior. Up Jumps Miles Bobbing And Weaving. Sticking And Moving. Going Against Traffic On A One Way Street. Loving… All The Women In The Crowd And In Their Dreams. Miles… The Warm Afterglow Of An African Sunset. Someday My Prince Will Come. Someday My Prince Will Come. Miles Turning His Back On Guaranteed Death And Low Life Insinuations Perpetuated The Perverted Fantasies Of The Founding Fathers Of These United States Of… Fuck You Mothafuckas! Fuck You Mothafuckas!... Miles Was Our Gators And Lizards. He Was Our Silk Shirts And Hickey Freemans. He Was Our Cool Slow Walks Into The Wind. He Was Our Delicious Smile On The Face Of Extreme And Bitter Rejections. Get ‘em Junior. Get ‘em Junior. That Sound… What Is That Sound? So Clean. So Fluid. Emotions So Hot In The Passing Of Summer Into Autumn. The Magnificence Of Awakening To Something So Rare… So New. Images Dreaming Softly In Slow Dances That Wrap Themselves So Tightly Around Our Doubts. I Touch Your Face. You Touch Mine. He Is So Tender With Our Needs. So Strong In Our Desire To Be Free. The Definitions Of His Statement Colors The Skyline. He Was That One Last Feeling Of Logic Before Needle Punctured The Vein. He Was The Music The Morning After The Resurrection Of Pain And Prayers In The Twisted Honor And Slight Applause Of Demons And Folk Heroes Stabbing Us In The Back. He Was A Love Supreme. He Was A Love Supreme. And I Hear The Voice Of Nature Whisper, The Victory Is Yours If You Want It. The Victory Is Yours If You Want It. Somewhere I Hear A Revival. Somewhere I Hear Bop Playing… In The Faces Of Southern Old Men Full Of Northern Pain. It Is Dizzy, Sonny, Jackie, Philly Joe, Kenny, Charlie Clifford And Many Many More If You Listen To The Laughter Of The Children In The Projects And Their Sense Of Rhythm To Survive. Bop Is Learning How To Be Yourself To Feel The Beauty Inside. No More Slick Street Games In The Anticipation Of Growing… And Pushing… Pushing… Forward Coming Into Full Expression. Long Way From Home. So Close To Love. The Spirit Wants To Move. My Mind Frozen In Worthless Flesh. Back From The Dead By Allah’s Mercy. Leaving The Devil Standing In The Pain, Leaving The Pain Alone. I Give My Salaams To The Right And Left. Good Has Become A Kind And Loving Companion. Bad Was Only A Test Of Faith. I Now Find Strength In The Humility Of This Moment. This Eternal Moment Of Peace To All… Of Those Who Come To Understand That Bop Is Love… And Love… Is All… You Are And Ever Will Be. And I Hear The Voice Of Nature Whisper, The Victory Is Yours If You Want It. The Victory Is Yours If You Want It!

~bg vocal throughout second half and outro~

Victory is yours

If you want it

04 Heartbeat

~Baba Donn Recites ~

When The Heart Beats The Spirit Flows

When The Heart Beats The River Flows

Raised By Fire Heat Is Heard

05 If We Only Knew What We Could Do

~Intro/bg vocal~

If We Only Knew What We Could Do

If We Only Knew What We Could Do

~ Abiodun Recites ~

If We Only Knew What We Could Do

We’d Stop Fussin And Fightin And Feelin Blue

If We Only Knew That We Have Juice

Cause Of An African Connection

That We Can’t Cut Loose

If The Light Was On In Our Minds

We Wouldn’t Dis Ourselves

So Much All The Time

We’d Stop And Realize Without Disguise

We Got The Power To Change

What’s Before Our Eyes

Where There Is Poverty And Misery

We’d Bring Hope Joy Love And Security

There Wouldn’t Be No Need To Lock Your Doors At Night

No One Lives In The Dark

Cause Everyone Sees The Light

If We Only Knew Just How Bad We Are

We’d Make The Sun Disappear

Cause We’re The Brightest Star

If You Feel The Strength

Help Those Who Are Weak

Then We’ll Be Steppin In The Rhythm  That Malcolm Speaks

So You Thought You Were A Chicken

And Your Butt Was Made For Kickin

You Been Runnin Around

With Your Head Hangin Down

Lookin For Chicken Feed

In This City Of Greed

Open Up Your Eyes

Don’t You Know You Can Fly

Like An Eagle To The Sky

Much Higher Than High

Where You Don’t Need No Crack Smack Or Paddy Wack

And Allthe Bones From That Dog

You Can Give Them Right Back

If We Only Knew What We Could Do

We’d Stop Fussin And Fightin And Feelin Blue

Just Like We Cut Our Hair In An African Style

We Show A Rich Royal Treasure Every Time We Smile

Now Some Time Ago We Just Didn’t Know

That We Had The Power To Make The Whole Thing Go

Motivator Educator We’re A Power  Generator

We Need To Own The Joint

Instead Of Working As A Waiter

If We Only Knew How Strong Our Will

No Matter What’s Been Done

Our Soul Can’t Be Killed

Like The Sun And The Moon

And All The Stars Above

It’s A Natural Thing

For Us To Share Our Love

We’re A Healing Force

In A World Of Pain

Trying To Use Common Sense

Where Life Is Insane

If We Could Recognize Just Who We Be

We’d Take Control Of Our Lives

And Live With Dignity


06 Young Love

~Intro (Malik B)~

If Your Tryin To Get It Than I Got It .

Monopoly Your Property The Product

Overcome The Obstacles The Object

Publicizing Houses In The Projects

~ Umar Recites ~

Another Young Man Died Yesterday. His Bloodstained Presence Slammed Against Our Sunrises. How And When Will We Begin To Cherish The Welcome Of His Smile. A Manchild Submerged In The Purple Liquid Of Night. They Fall Aimlessly Through The Cracks Of Darkness. The Full Moon Becomes A Partner, A Silent Partner In Shutting Down Bars, Shutting Down Cities. Shutting Down Dreams Of Daddy Walking And Talking While Holding Your Hand, Our Children Cry Out To Us From Their Fears… From Their Suicides… From Their Innocence And Loneliness Being Betrayed By Lazy Pimps And Limp Smiles. The Opera Is In Full Form. The Drama Unfolds… The Violin Is Both Tragic And Comforting. The Piano Light And Inspiring. The Crescendos Between Light And Darkness Are Truly Stunning. This Could Have Been A True Love Story Full Of Twists And Turns Of Pain And Triumph Of The Game… Begins To Evolve… From Shoe Shines To Stickups From Stickups To B And E From B And E To Quiet Hustles From Quiet Hustles To Residing In That Comfort Zone Between High Crimes And Misdemeanors. New Songs From Old Radios Were Crippled Poems Lounge In Digital Wheelchairs Whistling In The Dark While Spitting Acrobatic Words At Boombox Musicians Who Scratch And Sample The Wax From The Devil’s Ears While Conducting Bling Bling Concertos That Howl… At The Moon. In All… Those Projects. In All… Those Quick Glimpses Of Death. In All Those Sudden And Unwanted Intrusions Lurking Inside Your Paranoia… Begins To Open Wide To Receive Your Transition From Champagne And Free Base To Crack And Old English Just Like That. Where Is The Glory? What Was The Glamour? Who Were The Police? What Happened In The Shootouts? Why Were So Many Bullets Left In The Wind?... In The Walls… In The Chests Of 23 Year Old Young Men Standing In The Wrong Places At The Wrong Time. Their Last Breath Of Manhood… Simply Pleading… Don’t Let Me Die… Don’t Let Me Die… Please… Don’t Let Me Die….

~Outro (Malik B)~


This Was A Drug Plot Eyes Red Blood Shot This What The Thugs Drop Overdose Of Bloodclot

Im So Thirsty I Just Quench It With Some Controversy

Heard The Story Of A God Who Always Promise Mercy

This Allan’s Gift

Post A Grave Yard Shift

Took Your Last Breath Now Your Laying All Stiff

Listen Young Blood Hatin Me Some Young Love

I Was Made To Formulate Into A Young Stud

Why You In The Club Acting Like A Dumb Scrub

Used To Jump I Did Anything I Want Cause

Watching Channel Hope Cause I Got The Antidote

While You Place It I Just Slice It Like A Cantaloupe

07 Black Rage

~ Intro/bg vocals ~

Grenades In Their Eyes

Death Is Their Prize

Peace Will Arise

Destroy The Lies (3X)

Destroy The Lies

~ Abiodun Recites ~

There Are Bombs Standing On The Corners Of The Cities

Waiting To Explode At The Slightest Touch

Baggy Shadow Street Boys  Stand Cocked

Ready To Fire

Their Eyes Are Grenades

And The Pin Is About To Be Pulled


The Brother Went Off

Pressure Pulled The Trigger

And The Brother Became A Nigger

No One Could Figure Out How It Happened

What Went Wrong

He Had A Chance

Somebody Even Loved Him

Told Him He Was Better Than Most

But The Brother Went Off

Chains Rattled Inside His Brain

And His Sky Was Filled With Clouds

That Didn’t Even Bring Rain

Just The Illusion That Something Was Coming

So He Became A Gun

That He Could Hide In A Jacket

And Make Believe He Had An Erection All The Time

He Could Penetrate Anything

His Tongue Was A Curse

His Attitude Was A Bullet

And He’d Shoot You Down

Without A Second Thought

~ Chorus here and sometime in the BG throughout ~

‘Destroy The Lies

Grenades In Their Eyes

Death Is Their Prize

Peace will arise

Destroy the lies’

So He Became G.I. Joe

Killing His Family Not The Enemy

A Human Gun

Made And Manufactured

In The United Snakes Of America

There Are Bombs Standing

On The Corners Of The Cities

Waiting To Explode At The Slightest Touch

Baggy Shadow Street Boys Stand Cocked

Ready To Fire

Their Eyes Are Grenades

They Are Warriors

Looking For A Rite Of Passage

They Are Young Lions

Enchanted By The Sound Of Their Roar

They Are Diamonds

Treated Like Worthless Stones

They Are Rivers

With Nowhere To Run

They Are Dreams Unfulfilled

Desires Buried In The Remains

Of An Abandoned Soul

They Are The Beauty Of Spring

Blinded By The Snow Storms Of Winter

Soon They Will See Their Beauty

Their Strength. Their Love

And Like The Rivers Flow Into The Sea

They Will Unite As One

Then Our Voice Will Be More Powerful Than A Gun

And When We Speak

We’ll Get Things Done

08 Soul Reflection

~ Chorus ~

Wind It Up Lose Control

Let Your Body Feel Your


Wind Me Up Lose Control

Let Your Body Feel Your

Soul (2X)

Wind It Up Lose Control

Let Your Body Feel Your


~ Umar Recites ~

The Dreams...the Dreams that we stalk or the Dreams that stalk us lose their passion, their fire on the tongues of rumor of whateva others may think of us. We become casualties of war even before the war has begun we lie down and surrender to the slightest stalk that someone else may present something that we can’t find within ourselves. I, I am a poet. What do you want from me? Guilt? Remorse? Name, make, and serial number? How much more of a companion and peasant must I be? There is no pain that you can give me that I haven’t already given myself. From nigga-dom. From nigga-dom to martyrdom, I am strapped with poetic explosives, and I am only (sticking) your minds and your acceptance of who we really are. Denial and defiance is a lot of work. The excuses, the exaggerations, the flash light in the dark seeking out your shadow’s name. Why do we become different people at the same time in the wrong places?

~ Chorus ~

Wind It Up Lose Control

Let Your Body Feel Your


Wind Me Up Lose Control

Let Your Body Feel Your

Soul (2X)

Wind It Up Lose Control

Let Your Body Feel Your


~ Wadud Ahmad Recites ~

Soul Reflections. A red velvet tapestry of where we used to be.

The rhythm of who we are and who we want to see ourselves as

And our soul like a vibration of an internal. meter.  

Clear guidance through life

~bg vocal ~

Tick tock tick tock tick tock

~ Wadud Ahmad Recites ~

But we don’t know where we want to stand

And live

And lay

And lie

So we lie to ourselves in our dances. And walks

And we lie to ourselves in our smiles and our tongues

And our todays yesterdays are the same

Like the hamster

We spin on a continuous wheel of the anti-boogie

The Soul Reflection

The mirror of what we need to be

And yet it’s us

Right there in afro conk

braids sheens styles of smiles

So look within yourselves

Ladies and gentlemen

And tie up your boot sneakers

And dance


To this rhythm right now

Soul Reflection (repeats)

Wind it up

Wind it up

Lose control

Let your body feel your soul

Like the heart within you

And it’ll be allright

It’ll be allright

~ Chorus ~

Wind It Up Lose Control

Let Your Body Feel Your


Wind Me Up Lose Control

Let Your Body Feel Your

Soul (2X)

Wind It Up Lose Control

Let Your Body Feel Your


~ Abiodun Recites ~

Stepping Into Tomorrow

Surrounded By The Visions Of Today

Be The Mirror Of Your Soul

Look Inside The Core

Of Your Existence

Smell The Roses

You Planted Years Ago

Wash In The Sweat

Of Your Labor

And Breathe The Funk

Of Your Lust

Be Like A Bird

And Spread Your Wings

Fly Above The Ruins

Of Your Mistakes

Dance Away From The Demons

Who Try To Box You In

Let The Truth Be Your Guide

Let Your Love Be The Key

To Your Freedom

~ Umar Recites ~

Call up your demons. Call up your jinns. Let them go. Let them run side by side with the angels. The light side and the dark side trying to find some change in the depths of your pockets. Of the shallowness of your minds. Shorted out in the exhaustion of prayers on three day binges and one night stands let the moment take you to the edge. And then stop and look down and look up and then look back and smile and be patient. Hear the music. Hear the music. Find someone to dance with. Hold them gently and sincerely and learn how to be content. to be content. To be content.

~ Chorus ~

Wind It Up Lose Control

Let Your Body Feel Your


Wind Me Up Lose Control

Let Your Body Feel Your

Soul (2X)

Wind It Up Lose Control

Let Your Body Feel Your


~Abiodun recites~

Stepping Into Tomorrow

Surrounded By The Visions Of Today

Be The Mirror Of Your Soul

Look Inside The Core

Of Your Existence

Smell The Roses

You Planted Years Ago

~ Outro ~

The last poets in the house

09 Don't Know What I'd Do

Don’t Know What I’d Without You Woman

You Make The Sun Rise Every Morning

You And Your Sister Moon

Help Me Make It Through The Night

I’m Never Lonely

Knowing You’re There

You Make Everything Alright

Your Love Has Made Me Stronger

My Feelings Last Much Longer

Than Just A Moment

Even When You’re Gone

I Feel You All Around Me

The Things We Do

The Food We Share

Nourishes My Soul

And  Battles My Fears

Don’t Know What I’d Do

Without You Woman

You’re My Spring Water Fountain

Giving Me Strength To Climb The Mountain

Washing My Soul

With Your Refreshing Touch

In This World I Need You So Much

You Be My Flower

I’ll Be Your Tree

You’ll Last Year Round

And I’ll Protect You And Me

Don’t Know What I’d Do

Without You Woman

What Is The Sun Without The Moon

What Is A Bowl Without A Spoon

What Is Fire Without Air

How Could I Live If You’re Not There

Don’t Know What I’d Do

If I Didn’t Have You

My Life Would Be Blue

And My Smile Would Not Be True

~ Ursula Rucker Recites ~

That thing we all want to to have and give And figure out


That thing that in its truest form

Never really grows old or cliched

Because we need it 

like water and air

But sometimes we don’t know we need love

Just like 


we don’t know we need God


not just the romantic passionate lustful kind 

But the multipurpose kind

Feel me

The kind


When it’s lost  we feel lost and empty

That kind that 

When it’s present 

we feel found and full

Feel me


Don’t know what I’d do with out you 

10 Personal Things

~BG Vocal/Intro~

I’m lookin for love

I’m lookin for life

Lookin for love

Lookin for life

Lookin for a dream that want to arise

Lookin for love

Lookin for life

Lookin for a dream that want to arise

Lookin for love

Lookin for life

~Umar Recites~

Time In Becomes Time Out. Group Anxieties Become Personal Doubt. Expressing Ourselves In Dot Dots And Dashes. Pure Cocaine And False Eyelashes. Living Inside Worlds That Seem To Lie. Living Inside Excuses That Pass Us By. Living Inside Loneliness Becomes A High. Living Gets Mixed Up With Wanting To Die. A Daily Question Of Going Insane While Tormenting One Another Trying To Ease The Strain. Dreaming Of Tomorrows We’d Like To Know. Repressing Our Thoughts While Trying To Grow. The Heart And Soul Are Not Involved. Idle Chatter Becomes Reality While Problems Go Unsolved. Prearranged. Prefabricated And Preconditioned. We’re Baptized, Advertised And Posthumously Mentioned. Weaned And Groomed For The Glory Of Applause. Living Off The Mercy Of Unwritten Laws. Shell Shocked Patrons Making Peace With God, While Admiring The Acrobatics Of A Junky’s Nod. Turned Into Robots Through The Power Of Suggestion. We Seek An Answer And Become The Question. Afraid We Might Die Before We Live. Blessed With Life But Then Afraid To Give. We Want To Be Amorous, Glamorous And Larger Than Life. Our Cheap Illusions Become High Priced Strife. Losing Ourselves In Times Of Despair. Becoming Self Defeatists Of Unusual Flair. We Rush Toward The Beginning That Might Be The End. We Sit In The Darkness And Try To Pretend. Pointing Fingers While Our Insides Bleed. Committing Suicide To Fulfill A Need. Highly Intelligent In A Very Low Way. We Speak Of Existing But Have Nothing To Say. We Touch Religion And Make It Seem Like Hell. But Then We Touch Unholy Dreams And Wish Them Well. Faith Is Replaced With Apathy And Grief. Indifference Is Made Acceptable And Then A Belief. Our Left Eyes All Glitter While Our Right Are Blind. We Submit To This Madness And Hope It Is Kind. Distraught Women Seeking Compassion While Turning Tricks In High Roman Fashion. Finding Love At The Expense Of Losing Their Cool. Looking For Happiness But Finding A Fool. Their Moments Of Trust Become Deceitful Charms. One Night Stands In Strangers’ Arms. Carousing With Disaster In Very High Places While Cutting Off Noses To Spite Their Faces. While The Men Play Games Of Power And Glory. Tattered Remnants Of An Old War Story. Outside Themselves Inside Their Heads, Top Secret Discussions On Waterbeds. Men Without Neither Rhyme Nor Reason. Lost In The Depths Of Mental Treason. Abstract Victims Of The American Dream. Victims Of A Disguised But Well Planned Scheme, Victims Of A Subtle But Dangerous Game. Rugged Individualism With A Psychotic Name. We Confuse The Normal And Exort The Extreme. We Make War A Reality And Call Peace A Dream. American Contradictions In Black And White. We Illuminate Contradiction And Call In The Lights. America Provides You With Fortune And Fame. While Stealing Your Soul For Its Own Acclaim. With The English Language At Its Command. It Perpetuates Illusion Throughout The Land. Running Big Games In Tiny Print, Before You’ve Got It, It’s Already Spent. Making Sacrificial Lambs Of The Middle Class. Indulging In Rhetoric With Its Head Up It Lulls You To Sleep With The Six O’clock News And Then Wakes You Up And Spoon Feeds You The Blues. But From The Darkness Of Ourselves We Can Find A Brighter Day. Understanding And Truth Must Show The Way. To Understand That Every Man’s Color Will Not Be His Heart. To Go Inside Yourself Is Where It Must Start. To Learn To Be Considerate. To Learn To Be Humane. To Learn To Use Power And Not Become Vain. To Understand You Can Be Strong And Not Crude. You Can Be Outspoken And Not Be Rude. To Revile The Tyrant. To Protect The Weak. To Insure The Innocent Their Right To Be Meek. To Look On The Sea And Understand Its Motion. To Understand Tenderness And Give It Devotion. To Understand Courtesy And To Make It A Pact, To Understand What Love Is… And Make It A Fact! Because We All Must Struggle. We All Must Try. Because Somewhere In The Future We All Must Die. But To Leave A Legacy That Will Long Unfurl. That Ours Too Was A Struggle For A Better World.

11 Love

~ BG Vocal/Intro ~

Love is all we need

To rise above the flames

When there is no love inside us

Life is so insane (2X)

~ Umar Recites ~

Loving Kisses And Loving Sighs. To Have Love’s Pleasure Bring Tears To My Eyes. Love At First Sight Is So Very Rare. Love May Come Late But It Always Comes Fair. Tears That Humble. Tears That Smile. Tears That Comfort And Then Beguile. Where Are The Drugs? Where Is The Sex? Where Is The Pleasure When There’s Nothing Next? Some Love To Love. Some Love To Hate. Some Find Love But Then It’s Too Late… Games And Lies Where Love Should Be. Someone Does It To You And Then You Do It To Me. Perversions, Distortions Inside The Head. When Illusion Dictates Love Is Dead. Love Is Not Paranoia, Love In Not Insecure. When A Man Becomes A Friend Is When A Women Becomes Sure. Love In The Touch Of A Woman’s Hand, The Respect For That Touch Is What Makes A Man. The Thought Of Love On Its Way To You. The Anticipation Of What To Do. That Funny Little Feeling That Comes Inside. Emotions Run Wild But Then Try To Hide. Is She Coming Or Is She Not. Affection Needs Tenderness And They Both Need A Lot. Why Is It So Hard To Be At Ease. Why Can’t I Be Humble And Just Try To Please. Selfish Desires That Lead Into Doubt. Sacrifice Brings Joy But Love Brings You Out. Soft Morning Clouds Rush To Cover The Moon, Like An Orgasm With A Future That Comes Too Soon. So When The Thought Of Quitting Begins To Lose Your Mind, Put Love Before Pain And Leave The Sorrow Behind.

One Night I Was Truly Seeking, I Was Standing Inside The Rain. As Love Passed By It Whispered, Time To Leave The Pain. I’m Here Whenever You Need Me, I Am The Beckoning Call. I Can Be Your Rise To Glory Or The Madness Before The Fall. I Cried Out, Love What Do You Want From Me? You’ve Got To Tell Me Now. Love Just Smiled And Answered, Must I Also Tell You How. To Find That Love Again, The Love You Needed Most, The Only Friend You Had When Everyone Was Playing Ghost. Two Star-crossed Lovers Caught Up In That Infamous Strain. Love Becomes The Struggle That Tries To Keep Them Sane. In The Glorious Midst Of Nature, They Try Reaching Out One Night. She Learns How To Kiss The Darkness, He Learns How To Set His Sight, Love Becomes The Morning That Shines So Radiant And Bright, It Becomes The Hope And Promise That Once Was A Lonely Night. Where Is That True Beginning? Where Has It All Gone? Why Has Love Become A Memory That Just Sadly Lingers On.

Hard Laughter Disguising Softer Fears. Love Becomes Entangled While Deception Cheers. Love That Moment You Can’t Understand. It’s When Love Is Asking For A Helping Hand. Intelligence Is Vital, Love Takes Reason. Passion Without Wisdom Is Romantic Treason. Love Is The Rain That Greens The Leaves, It’s The Part Of Death That Never Grieves. The Love Of Money Cane Become The Love Of Greed. The Love Of Denial Can Become The Love Of Need. Love Is A Women To Deep In Thought. A Moment So Precious It Can’t Be Bought. That First Kiss Will Always Remain The Same, If Not In Principle At Least In Name. Love Is Exciting. Love Is Bold. Love Grows Gracefully But Never Grows Old. Love Is Being Alone But Never Lonely. It’s Your Truly And Yours Only. It’s When You Think You Should But You Know You Won’t. It’s When They Think You’re Convinced But Then You Don’t. Love Plus Patience Can Become Understanding. When Love Becomes Too Promiscuous It Becomes Too Demanding. Waiting On Love Can Become The Love Of Time. Being Impatient With Love Can Lead To Serious Crime. Love Is To Be Considerate. Love Is To Be Kind. It’s A Wise Old Gesture From A Childish Mind. To Never Take Advantage. To Never Accuse. To Never Mistrust. To Never Abuse. Love Is To Be Honored. Love Is To Be Shared. Love Is To Be Tried But Never Dared. Love Is To Desire. Love Is To Yearn. To Be Able To Give And Ask For Nothing In Return. And Then To Be Able To Speak Words So True, I Love You… And I Love You Too!

~BG Vocal~

Love is all we need

Love is all we need

To rise above the flames

When there is no love inside us

Life is so insane

Love is all we need

To rise above the flames

Life is so insane

12 Jimi Ju Ju

~ Umar Recites ~

An Easy Sunrise Precedes A Touch Of Madness. Touching The Miracles. Touching The Sleep. Touching The Sound. Lingering Lyrics Falling Graciously Upon Tear Filled Eyelids. Foot Pedal And Sly Smile All Moving In The Same Direction, The Same Rhythm, The Same Motion Of Congo Square And Primitive String Instruments Defying The Burdens Of Slavery. Little Richard And Otis Redding And Sam Cooke And James Brown All Saw And Felt The Passion Of This Genius Of Rare Humility Trying To Get Out To Sea. The Laughter Of Idiots Bleeding In His Ears. The Mother Nile Pleases In More Ways Than One. The Music In His Stride Has Put His Demons To Sleep, He Hopes. A White Mist Encircles The Innocence Of His Harlem Baptism. The Village Calls. London Beckons. So Kind. So Warm. So Devouring… Ju Ju Jimi. Jimi. Jimi. Ju Ju Ju Ju. Jimi… Ju Ju Ju Ju Jimmi Ju Ju. Yes! He Was The Voo Doo Child This Is Where He Lived This Is Where He Thrived. In The Frayed And Fragile Wires Connected To Dangling Dimly Lit Neon Signs Unconsciously Flickering One Last Tribute To A Miles David Solo Over Rain Drenched Vomit From The Bowels Of Broken Promises And Dreams Deferred. He Kept Turning On The Rhythm And Blues. They Kept Trying To Turn It Off. The Loneliness Of Trusted Friends Dropping Your Name Carelessly Upon The Wind. Staring Into The Reflections Of Jimi God!... Jimi Prophet! Jimi Visionary Of Pointless Sights… Pointless Reasons… Pointless Memories… Teetering And Rotting Roman Columns Peeking Through Lively Magnolia Trees Whispering Charlie Patton. Son House. And The Spirit Of Robert Johnson And His Serpentine Wailing Of The Mississippi Blues Bent Over Sunscorched Morning Abandoned By God And Devil Inside Your Mind… Your Sound… Your Music… Creating Art Forms Faster Than The Speed Of Deceit. Where Is The Deception Jimi? What Does It Look Like? What Land Does It Frequent? What Fragrance Does It Indulge In? What Flower Does It Wear In Its Lapel? Where Is The Deception Jimi? Ooooh Say Can You See… By The Dawns Early Light…and The Rockets Red Flare. The Bombs Bursting In Air. And The Machine… Guns Jimi. And The Machine… Guns Jimi. And The Machine… Guns Jimi. And The Guns. And The Guns. And The Guns. And The Violence Of Charred And Burning Flesh Of Children Amusing Themselves In The Shadows Of Drunken And Addicted Stupors You Climb Stairs To Find Yourself In Their Despair. No More Lust! No More Lust! No More Lurid Decisions And Business Contracts In The Thrusts Of Darkened Rooms And Phony Orgasms Of Pretending To Be You… Are The Foxy Lady And I Am The Wild Thing Will You Please Take Your Loneliness Out Of Me. I’m Tired Of Playing This Game. He Kept Turning On The Rhythm And Blues. They Kept Trying To Turn In Off. One Night I Danced With The Real Atlanta In A Juke Joint On The Northside. My Henessy Took Her Red Bull To New Heights In The Music Of The Saints And To A Band Of Gypsies. There Is A Dance That The Poet Dances. In The Eyes… In The Eyes Of Demons. In The Eyes Of Children Soothe His Soul With Kind Gestures And Beaming Smiles They Release Their Dreams To His Words. They Trust His Jagged Edges And Sharp Turns Into Funeral Dirges And Poetry Slams For Control Freaks On The Other Side Of Pop Culture There Is A Disease That Festers On The Pitter Patter Of Busy Feet Of Drug Boys Running Through Their Night Visions And Day Dreams Bedazzled By Slight Of Hands Scribbling On Jail House Walls In Small Letters And Close Encounters With Death And Their Illusions Of Power Being Reduced To Its Most Common Denominator. Where Is The Deception Jimi? What Does It Look Like? What Land Does It Frequent? What Fragrance Does It Indulge In? What Flower Does It Wear In Its Lapel? Where Is The Deception Jimi? No Jimi. No!... Don’t Look Back. Don’t Look Back Jimi. Be Careful. Watchout! Watchout! Don’t Jimi! Don’t Jimi!... Don’t Look Back. No… No… No… Keep Going Forward. Don’t Look Back. Please… Don’t Look Back Jimi… No Jimi. No Jimi. No… No… It’s Too Late! Here Comes That Second Glance. Here Comes That Act Of Denial. And The Guitars On Fire. And The Static From The Electric Lady. No Jimi.

Don't Look Back. Here Comes Their Entourages Of Schizophrenia. Here Comes Their Depression. Their Heavy Handed Baroque Counterpoints. And The Fingers... Crisscrossing, Freefalling And Tip Toeing Between The Forces Of Good And Evil. Ju Ju Ju Ju Jimi Jimi Juju Back To The Forest Jimi Back To The Forest. Juju Jimi

Juju Juju Back To Where The Twin Rivers Meet. Juju Jimi Jimi Jimi Juju Back To The Healing Jimi Jimi Ju Juju Back To The Way. Back To The Way. Our Way. Juju Juju Jimi Jimi Jimi Juju Juju Juju Jimi Are You Experienced Jimi Are You Experienced Jimi Are You Experienced!....Purple Haze Are In My Brain... Losing Self To Lose This Pain. Embracing The Truth And Wanting To Fly..  Scuse... Me Beauty While I Kiss Your


13 Rain Of Terror

America Is A Terrorist

Killing The Natives Of The Land

Killing And Stealing

Have Always Been Apart Of America’s Master Plan

To Control The Earth And Everything On It

America’s A Terrorist

Killing The Buffalo That Roam The Plains

Killing And Slaughtering Animals Was Turned Into A Game

Giving Blankets Contaminated  With Small Pox

To The Natives Who Were Here

The Beginning Of Germ Warfare

The Beginning Of White Fear

No Respect For The Land The Trees Or The Air We Breathe

And Christianity Was An Excuse

To Bring Others To Their Knees

America’s A Terrorist With A Slave System In Place

To Take Away The Humanity Of A Darker Race

Put People In Chains

Then Beat Them With Whips

Made Them Give Up Their Names

Those Who Survived The Slave Ships

America’s A Terrorist

Chewing Tobacco And Eating Swine

Being Mean And Nasty To Those Who Treated Him Kind

Take A Pregnant Black Woman

Cut Her Belly Open And Let The Fetus Fall Out

Stomp The Baby In The Ground

To Instill Fear Is What That Was All About

Gang Up On A Black Man

Hang Him From A Tree

Cut Him Down Then Set Him On Fire

For Everyone To See

America’s A Terrorist

With A Howdy Doody Grin

Using The Bible To Keep Others In Check

While America Commits All The Sin

Thou Shall Not Kill

That’s Not Part Of The American Dream

Because To Kill Is A Thrill

They Love To Show On Your Tv Screen

Romance The Gun Just For Fun

Drop A Bomb Just For Charm

This Is The American Way

And All Of This Talk About Equality Justice And Peace

Spewing Out Of The Mouths Of Theses Governmental Beast

But Every Time Blacks Tried  To Fine A Way To Do For Self

American Terrorist Weren’t Having It

And Fear Is All Black Folks Felt

Rosewood Was A Town Where Blacks Tried Hard To Thrive

White Folks Burned It Down  And Many Blacks Lost Their Lives

Now There Was Town In Oklahoma Called Black Wall Street

Blacks Had Homes A Bank Lots Of Money

And Stood Strong On Their Own Two Feet

But Now You See The Whites Near By Were Jealous

And Just Couldn’t Stand Seeing Blacks Do So Well

So They Drop Not One But Two Bombs On The Town

And Created A Living Hell

America’s A Terrorist

Feeding Off Racism And Greed

Not Caring Not Sharing

But Enjoying  Watching People Bleed

Every Time Jack Johnson Fought And Beat A White Boy In The Ring

White Mobs Would Kill Blacks At Random

Because A Black Man Was Boxing’s King

And All The Wars We Fought

To Try To Win Respect At Home

But When The War Was Over Blacks Where Never Treated Like They Belong

But Rather The Subjects Of Experiments

At Tuskegee And Other Places

For Over Four Hundred Years

Blacks Have Lived In Fears Of The Vicious Cruelty Of The Racist

Tried To March For Justice

And The Civil Right To Be Treated Fair

Attacked By Dogs And Fire Hoses

Beaten By Police

Forced To Live A Life Of Total Despair

Bombed A Church In Birmingham

While The Children Were In Sunday School

Took The Lives Of Four Little Girls

Yes This Terrorist Was Just That Cruel

American Terrorism Is Like A Virus

That’s Home Grown And Spreads Across The Planet Too

Selling Guns And Chemical Weapons

Gift Wrapped In Red White And Blue

Soldiers Boys Selling Guns

For Hard Drugs In Exchange

It Should Be Obvious By Now That This Country Is Deranged

Yet We Stand And Pledge Allegiance

To A Flag That Brings Lots Of Grief

And Singing That War Song Every Day

Is Americas Only Belief

America’s A Terrorist

And No One Wants To Admit

Pointing The Finger At Others Is The Ironic Part Of It

Dropped A Bomb In Philadelphia

To Wipe Out An Organization Named Move

Killed Unarmed Women And Children

Because The Police Had Something To Prove

And All The Black Panthers Trying To Help Their Community

Wiped Out By The Fbi For Trying To Create Black Unity

Put Drugs In The Hood

Set Folks Up For No Good

Kept Unemployment High

Education Is Laced With Lies

Turned The People Against Each Other

Made Money More Sacred Than Your Mother

Caused An Avalanche Of Grief

By Trigger Happy Police

Locked The Black Man Up In Jail

Made Him Think He Was Born To Fail

And No Place Are You Safe

If You Have A Darker Face

Henry Dumas, Amadou Diallo Michael Griffin Yusef Hawkins Anthony Baez

Clifford Glover, James Bird Just To Name A Few

Died At The Hands Of American Terrorist

No Terrorism Here Ain’t Nothing New

Now Aids Has Become An Epidemic

All Over The World Where Black People Live

An Evil Virus Created By Mad Scientist

For People Who Only Have Love To Give

The Cia The Fbi The Michigan Militia The Kkk

And The Police From Coast To Coast

Are The Real American Terrorist

And The Government Is The Host

So Now America Is Ready To Engage In World War 111

Because What Goes Around Has Come Around

But You Can’t Kill What You Can’t See

                                    Abiodun (After 9-11)

14 Toxic Times

These Are Toxic Times

Shrouded By A Vail Of Chemical Waste

We Are Buying Water To Stay Alive

Air Will Be Sold In Containers Very Soon

And It Won’t Be Fresh

Devils Are Standing Behind The Pulpit

Preaching The Gospel Of Sinners

Integrity Is An Unwanted Stranger

In Our Midst

Conversations Have Become

A Text Or A Tweet

The News Is The Blues

Advertising Pain And Misfortune

Even When The Forecast Is Sunny

It’s Still A Cloudy Day

Even Though The Temperature Rises

There’s Still A Chill In The Air

These Are Toxic Times

Black Girls Are Disappearing

No One Knows Where To Search

Black Boys Are Being Shot Down

Protesters Are Being Locked Up

Sex Has Become A Perversion

Not Even A Dog Would Perform

Children Are Being Molested

Elders Are Being Executed

Diseases Are Being Developed In Laboratories

Public Schools Are Prisons

For A Creative Mind

A Healer Is An Enemy Of The State

Sickness Is Profitable

Outpatients Roam The Streets

Home Grown Terrorists

Shoot And Stab People At Will

And Sometimes Blow Things Up

These Are Toxic Times

The White House Has Become A Circus Tent

A Clown Is In Charge

Masturbating In Public

Mother Nature Is Upset

Hurling Tornadoes And Harricanes

At The People And The Land

Flattening Their Houses

Flooding Their Towns

These Are Toxic Times

They Say There’s A Global Warming

The Homes Of The Polar Bears Are Melting

The Weather Is Wacky

No Rhyme Or Reason

You Can Hardly Tell The Season

Fires Across America Are Raging

Trees And Houses Are Blazing

The Smell Of Death Is In The Air

Soldiers Are Fighting A Ghost

Children Are Dying From Starvation

The Rich Get Richer Is Still The Situation

There Is Really Only One Solution

It’s Time For A Complete Revolution

Put Your Mind Body And Soul In Order

That’s The Only Way To Stop This Slaughter

(Abiodun 4-9-17)