Rachel Ombredane & Stéphane Avellaneda are a flute and drums duo: from the back of the orchestra and the back of the band to the front of the stage.  Rachel earned her degrees in flute, musicology, and vocals at esteemed Parisian schools, and SteF cut his teeth on the world stage touring with Serbian guitarist Ana Popovic. Together they are RoSaWay, a sort of pop, sort of electronic, sort of Jazz band with flute, drums, Rachel's otherworldly vocal, and a bit of help from Adam Ahuja on keys.  

While performing in Italy during the Spring of 2019, Rachel and Stéphane  were inspired to write their latest track and video, “Walk.” The tune is a thought-provoking, groovy adventure, with underbellies of jazz floating beneath Rachel’s playful vocal.  The tune charts the journey of a woman traveling through a city much like Paris, shown through the eyes of the people walking by her, giving us an alternative glance at the type of person we might see walking by everyday.  “Walk” hits the streets November 15th on Infinity Gritty / Ropeadope Records.



Release Date: November 15, 2019

Written by RoSaWay
Rachel Ombredane
- Flute and vocal
Stéphane Avellaneda - Drums & Moog
Adam Ahuja - Keyboards
Produced & mixed by Remi Hiblot / Mastered by Pierre Jacquot
Recorded at Studio de ville basse in Laon France
Cover by Matteo Zonca

RoSaWay-COVER-WEB (1).jpg


Release Date: February 15, 2019

Recorded and mixed at Studio de la Ville Basse in Laon, France by Remi Hiblot
Mastered by Pierre Jacquot
Keyboards : Adam Ahuja (Fender Rhodes, Prophet 6)
Recorded at PINCH recording studio Queens, NY by E Scott Lindner

STRANGER: Music by Jean-Paul Avellaneda and RoSaWay / Lyrics by Nicole Ombredane and RoSaWay
HERE COMES THE RAIN : Music by RoSaWay / Lyrics by Nicole Ombredane and RoSaWay
RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT : Music by Billy C Farlow and RoSaWay / Lyrics by Billy C Farlow
(Bonus track) : Music and lyrics by RoSaWay  recorded at PINCH studio recording.

Rachel Ombredane : Lead vocal / Flute / backing vocals
Stéphane Avellaneda : Drums / Moogs / backing vocals
Musical director: Remi Hiblot
Backing vocal : Remi Hiblot and Caroline Erdman