The Ropeadope Education Project (#rep)

The Ropeadope Education Project  (#rep) provides a new model of connection and distribution of knowledge between musicians and students of all ages. The Ropeadope Education Project acts as an intermediate clearing house; providing a full suite of tools and educational programming for high schools, colleges, universities, and community organizations. #rep acts as an intermediate clearing house to further the careers of world class musicians and speakers, providing them with connection to educational opportunities.

The music business is a challenging place for musicians who seek to perfect their craft; traditional systems have broken down and new systems fail to deliver the necessary revenue for artists to deliver superior quality and make ends meet.

Education is changing: a new generation is fully equipped with information via online services like youtube and Wikipedia. What is lacking is context and true human connection. In such an environment it is difficult, if not impossible, for schools to keep up with changes and program effectively to teach context.

Direct connection between musicians and students is an effective way to provide context and human connection. 

#rep offers a set of program options to achieve this goal:

  • Master Classes

  • Clinics

  • Interactive Music Apps and on site demonstrations

  • Panel discussions about music and a growing number of relevant topics

  • Performances

  • Video and audio recordings on music business and media presentations in the 21st century

The community of artists that call Ropeadope home is diverse – not only are they some of the most accomplished musicians in the world, they are also progressive  - pushing genre boundaries and reinventing music. Many are also leaders in their communities and throughout the world – amabassadors that bring a broad range of cultural experience to the classroom. Quite a few are active in movements of social justice, women’s rights and issues, discussions of race, immigration, and politics.

The #rep is a plugged in, informed, and progressive group of articulate and dynamic humans who are already touring the world, and are eager to  share their knowledge and perspective with students.




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