‘You get your real musical education on the street’

Born in Mobile, Alabama, Phil Lassiter is the son of a pentecostal preacher who often brought African American musicians to play in the church. His mother caught him plunking out ‘amazing grace’ on the piano at five years old and immediately signed him up for lessons. While he did not like the lessons - the teachers were too rigid  - his mother knew the importance of piano and kept trying new instructors. This basis in understanding the piano has served Phil well over the years. His first professional music experiences were in Dallas, Texas, where he met peers and mentors like Bernard Wright, Bobby Sparks, Keith Anderson, and Jason Thomas. Bernard Wright helped him connect the dots, and in the full Dallas experience Phil learned the importance of humility and drive in the music business. As Phil puts it, “stay humble and hungry - get into the practice of admitting that you don’t have something, and then you can really really grow.’

And so the journey began: Phil Lassiter’s understanding of the basics, combined with his real time experience in the Dallas hotbed of musical expression, and his perseverance led him to playing, producing, and arranging for the greats - Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, and Prince are just a few. Prince once asked Phil to voice out chords for the horn section on the spot, and then dropped to the floor in amazement at the result.

It was in Nashville, Tennessee that Phil gained his nickname Philthy, as he began his recording career. His self titled debut - Philthy - was released to popular acclaim on groundUp music via ropeadope, and soon followed by Dreamzzz (add comment here). His production and arrangement work led him to Los Angeles, where he currently resides. A chance encounter with Elliott Yamin led to work on the next project. Elliott is a powerful and soulful vocalist who gained fame on American Idol. Elliot and Phil have a common mission - to create heavy hitting funk music with horns that punch and vocals that speak to the soul. Together they recorded Party Crashers, the new full length album from Philthy. The cast of band members and guests includes MonoNeon, Jason Thomas, Bobby Sparks, Keith Anderson, and Tommy Sims, and the album sums up the hard work and persistently positive attitude that Phil Lassiter brings to the world. In short, it’s feel good music.

“The disco ball is spinning on “Happy Train” and the EWF-inspired “Party Crashers” with a dreamy soul ballad by Elliot on”Our Love Is Gold” and a churchy boogie  has Lassiter singing on “Epidermis.” Meant to be played loud, with drinks shaken, not stirred.” - Jazz Weekly / George Harris

Party Crashers

Release Date: July 6, 2018

Party Crashers Front 3000x3000.jpg


Producer/Arranger - Philip Lassiter
Mixer - Ben Burget
Artwork - Jessica Volpe
Graphics - OPTX

Elliott Yamin, Mononeon, Bobby Sparks, Mark Lettieri, Tommy Sims, Juan Ariza, Eric Seats, Jason JT THomas, Charlie Peacock, Simon Novsky, Leddie Garcia, & Manymo' Phonky Peeps