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In an attempt to bring forth the concept of Middle Eastern fusion music to the US, Ratish Chadha collaborated with New York based musicians to recreate the sound of his band, NOON, in a completely new format with an upgraded sound. By adding keys to the traditional trio setting, this single encompasses the true merge of Eastern and Western music.

Chadha collaborated with keyboardist and fusion music enthusiast, Adam Ahuja, to recruit a line-up of like-minded musicians who would understand the direction of this single. Ahuja was later passed on the contact information for an oudist named, Tom Chess. After a brief conversation between Chadha and Chess, the two realized that they had once met in passing at Dubai airport a couple of years ago. This ultimately led to them having a fruitful jam session with an extremely versatile bass player, Akos Forgacs.

Forgacs being the last piece of the puzzle solidified the line-up of musicians for the polyrhythmic Middle Eastern fusion single you have before you. Elements of drum and bass, odd meters and psychedelic Eastern scales mold this song into the musical anomaly that it is.

The song is called 'Duff's Groove' in honor of Chadha's close friend that unexpectedly passed away exactly 2 months to the date of the recording session for this single.

Duff's Groove

Release Date: December 7, 2018


Written and arranged by - Ratish Chadha
Produced by - Ratish Chadha, Adam Ahuja
Musicians involved - Tom Chess (oud), Adam Ahuja (keys/synths), Akos Forgacs (bass), Ratish Chadha (drums)
Engineered by - E Scott Linder at Pinch Recording studios
Mastered by - Kevin Blackler at Blackler Mastering studios

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