Nathan Paul


The son of a pastor in Cleveland Ohio, Nathan-Paul learned from his father that life was about relationships, and he demonstrated this every day in church. He began his musical journey, like many, singing in the choir, and when it came time for an instrument he went to the music store with his father, choosing the trumpet but leaving with a saxophone. The elder had prayed for a son who played sax, you see.

Nathan-Paul finds it impossible to hide his creative mind. Making noise constantly as a baby, and to this day talking out his ideas constantly, Nathan-Paul calls himself an introvert. In this way one can see clearly that he is a transmitter of sorts; a human radio show with little filtration. His tuning is for real, as he translates the ideas into music that exists purely for our enjoyment and benefit. He writes what he feels, improvising all the time. He acknowledges the influence that the greats have had on him - Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Louis Armstrong - but he does not consider himself a Jazz musician. He is here to get us moving, to invite us all to hear what he is hearing, to feel what he is feeling, to share in the absolute joy that music brings.

Nathan-Paul’s prolific output will be felt all year at Ropeadope, starting off with an ear and hip-catching single titled Catch Me If You Can by Nathan-Paul & The Admirables. Catch Me if You Can is quirky, it’s funky, and intense. Raw energetic solos blast over Michael Ode’s unrelenting power house drums, with a group chant and a hype man at the end. Matthew DeRubertis’ bass reaches deep and vibrates the inner core with some serious low end. The voices invite you to join in, like it’s a party. Nathan-Paul and Tommy Lehman’s horns are at the edge of control in the best way possible. The sax and trumpet have a blend, a spirit to that evokes a mixture of pure joy and teenage mischief.

We doubt we can catch the man, but we cannot help but try.

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Release Date: August 2 2019

After menacingly slow atmospheric start comes a vicious onslaught of brass and wood and relentless rhythm section. Jazz with a good bit of punk attitude yet attention to detail also.
— Rimantas Murza - 94.2MHz FM


In Search Of

Release Date: June 7, 2019

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Catch Me If You Can

Release Date: February 8, 2019