Jeremy Danneman


Jeremy Danneman is a New York City based saxophonist, clarinetist, composer, and educator, and is the Founder of Parade of One Inc, an international musical outreach organization. He has performed both internationally and locally and has shared the stage and recorded with William Parker, Ted Mason (Modern English), Mike Clark (Headhunters), Jamie Saft, Walter Thompson, Tim Keiper, Eyal Maoz, Butch Morris, Anders Nilsson, Sophie Nzayisenga, and many others. Danneman’s music has been featured in multiple films, and as an educator, Danneman has guest lectured at high schools and universities worldwide. His most recent release, Honey Wine, features special guest Sophie Nzayisenga.


All About Jazz - "Danneman's alto has a plaintive, voice-like quality as the band cooks on a relentless medium heat."

bird is the worm - "This is an instance where doing something very different sounds as normal as a beating heart."

 All About Jazz - "Besides his commendable technical acumen, Danneman shines as a strong composer as he incorporates Middle Eastern exotica, pensive balladry and spry Latin grooves into his jazz-centric repertoire. As a reedman, Danneman possesses a blustery attack amid clearly defined notes and gritty inflections while occasionally reaching for the stars,"  

Bandcamp Daily - "The context of this music may be cerebral, but these are songs built for dancing—and they’ll likely will incite as much in whomever listens."