Ill Doots


Collective is a casual word that gets tossed around in the world of music and art, usually to indicate a loose group of collaborators that share a common place, culture, and similar ideology. Such is the case with Ill Doots, yet they transcend the term collective in an open source, dynamic community of artists, educators, and musicians. They are from many places, assembled in the great city of Philadelphia, with a shared emphasis on the value of the process rather than the product. With an open flow like this, it is natural that the output takes varied forms.

Art, Education, Activisim are all on the table with this band: In 2015 ILL DOOTS worked under the direction of Joanna Settle to compose and perform music for Flashpoint Theatre Company’s “Hands Up”, for which they received the Barrymore Award for Best Original Music. In 2016 ILL DOOTS composed and performed the Wilma Theatre’s production of “An Octoroon” under the direction of Settle yet again.

As a collective of arts educators, ILL DOOTS launched the I Love Learning initiative in 2014, setting up free workshops in schools, after school programs, churches and other shared spaces along their tour routes and at home. The initiative is ongoing both in Philadelphia and elsewhere.
They are on a lifelong mission to change the way our communities respond to and value music, art, and life.

Musically, Ill Doots references J Dilla and The Roots and despite the fact that many are Philly transplants, the sound has a distinctly Philly feel. Chill, grooving, pointed and positive, the band captures the essence of life on Philly streets. Facing the social and political challenges of our times with resolve and turning it to the positive with a fun vibe and full community interaction.

We live in a time of heightened transition – the move from singular to plural is in full swing, and it’s all a bit dizzying as we try to grasp what a fully interconnected world looks like. Ill Doots are the humans that get it, they are the model that actively embraces and implements the change.

When @ILLDoots isn’t rocking the stage or working on theater and art endeavors, they’re making new music. The Philly band’s latest is out at the end of the month on @ropeadope Records, and you can hear the first single from it at The Key
— WXPN - Mariah Hall

Ill Doots

Release Date: July 27, 2018

ILL DOOTS_SelfTitled_Digital Art.jpg

Recorded & Mixed by Micah Forsyth
Produced by Scott Ziegler
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

Recorded at:
Wattstudio-Philadelphia, PA
Converse Rubber Tracks-Brooklyn, NY
Tasker House-Philadelphia, PA
University of the Arts-Philadelphia, PA
Scott’s House-Philadelphia, PA