HUW / richard x bennett


HUW is UK multi-instrumentalist and producer Aaron Dolton.

His music is a downtempo blend of electronica, jazz and soul. These influences run deep, informing his production style, resulting in an immersive exploration of future jazz. Aaron’s early musical activities laid the ground for this future work. Compositions were created on an Amiga home computer. Samples and sequences played out through homemade amps and effects, with beaten up outboard bought from the classified pages of sound production magazines. An obsessive interest in synthesis and sequencing remains, and is a key feature of his sound. The addition of live instrumentation brings a human dynamic, adding imperfection and complexity, creating depth and an organic feel to the music.

Wood/Water is HUW’s fifth release on Ropeadope Records.


Pianist/Composer Richard X Bennett plays unique, soulful jazz with a sound all his own.

His albums, the exuberant jazz-raga quintet Experiments With Truth and melodic groove jazz trio What Is Now were simultaneously released by Ropeadope Records in October 2017. He also has six critically acclaimed raga-based records on Indian labels. In New York, he has performed at Lincoln Center Out of Doors, The Guggenheim Museum, The Rubin Museum and Central Park Summerstage. Internationally, he has played in over twenty countries. His 2018 release Away From The Many finds him exploring a more ambient and electronic influenced sound, but in live performance his bands remain committed to a joyous and energetic groove.

Wood/Water is Richard X Bennett’s fourth release on Ropeadope Records.

UK producer Aaron Dolton (aka HUW) is a disruptor.  He looks at things not for what they are, but for what they can become.  On Wood/Water, the source materials are the solo piano works of New York jazz musician Richard X Bennett.  The piano is sampled, transformed and re-imagined through modular synthesis into new sounds that beguile and intrigue, as they explore unknown terrain.  All underpinned by the aesthetics of down-tempo electronica.

The two have never met.

While Richard X Bennett was completing his solo album Away From The Many, he looked for remixes to complete the project.  Given a number of options by Ropeadope Records, he gravitated towards HUW because of his enthusiasm for their previous album Music From The Multiverse.  Dolton produced remixes for Transparent Frame and The Slow Drag and the connection was born.  This creative partnership continued, with Bennett sending further pieces from Away From The Many for HUW evolutions.  As the project developed, the pianist composed five new pieces especially for Wood/Water, including the title track; which combines a gamelan concept with chilled broken beats.

Dolton says, “From my perspective, I think the way we adapted entire piano compositions into new electronic pieces was a fascinating workflow.  The LP is truly co-written, even though the sense during production was of a remix.  I found the existing structures fantastic to work against; composing, editing and then gaining feedback on the changes.  From my point of view this project removed the 'blank page' syndrome, allowing me to really experiment with sonic textures and the technology. I was able to focus on the sounds as unimagined instruments.

Asked about the changes to his signature piano sound, Bennett says, “It’s like waking up as another person.  Who wouldn't want that. It is me, but it’s not me. Plus it sounds great!

Wood / Water

Release Date: July 13, 2018

HUW - Wood _ Water_Artwork 3000x3000.jpg

Written by Aaron Dolton & Richard X Bennett
Piano: Richard X Bennett
Synthesis & Programming: Aaron Dolton
Cello: Mitch Lyon
Drums: Mike Dolton

© 2018 All Rights Reserved
Written by Aaron Dolton & Richard X Bennett
Produced & Engineered by Aaron Dolton
Executive Producer - Louis Marks
Photography for RXB: Paula Jeanine Bennett
Photography for HUW: Kate G Hibbs