Eddie Palmieri

A titan of Latin Jazz and Salsa music, Eddie Palmieri, known as “El Maestro,” is still making musical history. The multi-Grammy Award winning pianist and music legend announces the release of Full Circle, with 9 classic salsa tracks recorded with  stunning cast of musicians from New York and beyond. The album release will be preceded by the introduction of the PalmieriSalsaJams App, the world’s first interactive Salsa music app on Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah’s Stretch Music App platform.

With a career that spans several decades, and still going strong, the 81 years young Eddie is poised to continue his lifelong talent for innovation. The National Endowment for the Arts distinguished Jazz Master Award and the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Science Lifetime Achievement Award recipient has always been at the forefront of major shifts and modernizations in the music industry. From his use of a front line of trombones, rather than Latin orchestras usual trumpets, in his heralded “La Perfecta” band in the 1960s, to his eight and a half minute recording “Azucar Pa’ Ti” being added to the Library of Congress’ National Recording Registry and breaking the three and a half minute industry imposed standard recording length, he pushes the creative envelope. El Maestro has earned numerous honors and broken down many barriers. The release of some of his greatest Salsa classics in the form of an interactive app is just another in a long line of firsts for the music icon.

Full Circle is due out on the new Uprising Music label via Ropeadope on July 20. With fresh renditions of Salsa classics, Full Circle finds Mr. Palmieri teamed with world-class musicians from the New York scene that have played with him over the last decade; Brian Lynch, Conrad Herwig, “Little” Johnny Rivero, Luques Curtis and many more. On Full Circle listeners will hear the basic harmonic and rhythmic structures of the original recordings but with Eddie exploring more freely and aggressively than ever on his solos. These are true representatives of Palmieri at the peak of his creative power.

An interactive music player of the Full Circle recording, the PalmieriSalsaJams App (powered by Stretch Music and Spectrum) is sure to please musicians and audiophiles alike. It gives musicians the ability to completely control their practicing, listening and learning experience by customizing the player to fit their specific needs and goals.  The app has the capability to mute, solo, pan and fade any instrument chosen along with tempo control, looping and sheet music for each part.

Eddie Palmieri once again pushes boundaries by building bridges; between musicians, listeners, and now young students with interactive technology. Full Circle begins yet another chapter in the Palmieri legacy.


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Full Circle

Release Date: July 20, 2018


Music Producers: Eddie Palmieri and Eddie Palmieri II

Executive Producers: Frank Abenante

Lyrics, Compositions and Musical Structures by Eddie Palmieri

Additional Arrangements: Jose Madera (Vamonos Pa’l Monte) and Ray Santos (La Ocha)

Label: Uprising Music

Eddie Palmieri is a Yamaha performing artist

Photos - Jason Elon Goodman - www.jgood.info

Eddie Palmieri – Piano (1-8)

Herman Olivera – Lead Vocal, Coros (1-8)

Luques Curtis – Bass (1-8)

Camilo Molina – Timbales (1-8)

“Little” Johnny Rivero – Congas (1-8), Cowbell (1-6)

Nelson Gonzalez – Tres (1-8)

Quique Gonzalez – Vocals (7,8)

Conrad Herwig – Trombone (tracks 1-6 & 8)

Jimmy Bosch – Trombone (1-8)

Jonathan Powell – Trumpet (1-8)

Louis Fouché – Alto sax (1-8)

Jeremy Bosch – Vocals (1-7)

Nicky Marrero – Bongos (1-6), Timbalito (4)

Anthony Carrillo – Bongo, Cowbell (7,8)

John Walsh – Trumpet (7,8)

Ronnie Cuber – Baritone sax (7)

Brian Lynch – Trumpet (8)

Pete Nater – Trumpet (8)

Chris Washburne – Trombone (8)

Doug Beavers – Trombone (8)

Tokinori Kajiwara – Trombone (8)

Joe Fiedler – Trombone (8)

Ivan Renta – Tenor sax (8)

Jeremy Powell – Tenor sax (8)

Yosvany Terry – Tenor sax (8)

Gary Smulyan – Baritone sax (8)