The literal definition of Escaper is "one who escapes confinement". Founded in 2016, the Brooklyn based Post-Rock/Space-Funk Fusion quintet strive for a sound without limits.

Recently joining the Ropeadope Records roster, Escaper blends soaring melodies provided by Will Hanza (guitars) with funk-laced rhythms laid down by Andrew Nesbitt (drums) and Jay Giacomazzo. Weaving through this sound are the intricate yet lyrical textures of Adam Ahuja (keys) and Johnny Butler (sax).  The album was engineered and co-produced by John Davis (Lettuce, Brad Mehldau, Black Keys)

The members are all experienced musicians, cutting their jibs with groups like Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, The Breakneck Boys, and even Beyonce. Band members have played everywhere from Bonnaroo, Mountain Jam and Catskill Chill to Brooklyn Bowl and The Blue Note Jazz Club. As Escaper, the band has already shared the stage with notable acts such as Aqueous, Jimkata, G-Nome Project and label mates The Flowdown.


release date: may 12, 2017


Will Hanza - Guitar
Jay Giacomazzo - Bass
Andrew Nesbitt - Drums
Adam Ahuja - Keyboards
Johnny Butler – Saxophones
Recorded at: The Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Engineered/Mixed by: John Davis
Produced by: Escaper and John Davis
Mastered by: Scott Hull (MasterDisk)
Artwork: Matthew Chase

"We recorded the album in one day at the The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn. The majority of the record was recorded live, with all five band members playing together, but in isolated rooms. Recording this way helped capture the great live synergy between players that we expect from a live situation. Our live sets tend to be open with many “in the moment” improvisational aspects. Coming to the studio, we felt it very important to to capture this energy.

There are 7 tracks on the album. The two parts of “Skeleton Key” (opening track and penultimate track) were 100% improvisation. The idea there is that a skeleton key can open any door. Improvisation is the open door to creativity. We can break from all confinement and truly be an “Escaper”. The album progresses from there. Track 2, “Mutiny” is about realizing that you are being confined by something (or someone) and then revolting so that you may have free will. Track 3, “Lighthouse” is the next step- with freedom and open mind, enlightenment is possible. Track 4, “Nightcrawler” has us travel through the dark with our newfound light until we come across the mystical “Narwhal” (track 5) who helps us break through that ice layer to get to the open air… and provides us with the next Skeleton Key (track 6), which is actually the anchor on our Escaper ship. The anchor which we pull up so that our nautical craft escapes the confinement of the waters and lift into the the sky, into space, into other realms to such magical places as have Castles (track 7) in the sky."

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