e scott lindner

E Scott Lindner is a New York City based Recording Engineer, Producer, Guitarist, and owner of Pinch Recording. Drawing heavy influence from krautrock, jazz, and prog rock, his musical compositions lean on repetitive polyrhythms as a bed for searching melodies and compelling sonic textures.

Scott’s second full length album, “Port Of Dreams”, is a massive departure from his more jazzy first record.  This album can be described as Orchestral Psych, and features a string quartet, woodwinds, piano, drums, bass, synths, and much more.  This record was written, recorded, mixed and mastered in 3 days. It was performed, recorded, and mixed live to two track. The album was mastered by midnight on the 3rd day. It was the most challenging musical undertaking in Scott’s musical career.


Port Of Dreams

Release Date: September 21, 2018


Sara Schoenbeck - Bassoon (5) , solo on 5, Voice on 5
Josh Plotner - Oboe, English Horn (3,4) , French Horn solo on 3, Oboe solo on 4
Pablo Eluchans - Drums, solo on 5
Carlos Mena - Electric Bass
Adam Ahuja - Piano, Prophet (5) , Prophet solo on 5
Jim Panels - Modular Synth / FX (5) , Pig solo on 5
Henry Terepka - Synth / FX (1,2)
E Scott Lindner - Live Mixer / Producer

Andrei Matorin - Violin, solo on 5
Tomoko Omura - Violin, solo on 5
Benni Von Gutzeit - Viola, solo on 3
Amy Kang - Cello
Andrew Gould - Flute, Saxophone, Sax solo on 2,5, Voice on 5
Hailey Niswanger - Flute, Saxophone (1,2,4) , Flute solo on 2, Sax solo on 4
Mark Phillips - Clarinet, Voice on 5
Danny Rivera - Bassoon (1,2) solo on 2

Mastered by Kevin Blackler at Blackler Mastering, Brooklyn, NY
Cover art and Photography by Dennis Cahlo
Piano Tunings - Rafael Carrasquillo

Recorded and Mixed live to two track at Pinch Recording, LIC, NY
Recording and Mixing Engineer - E Scott Lindner
Assistant Engineer - Caio Carvalho

Carlos Mena - Upright & Electric bass
Pablo Eluchans - Drums (except 7,8) / Percussion (7,8)
Tommy Hartman - Drums
Marcos J. Lopez - Percussion (except 7,8)
Adam Ahuja - Rhodes (1,2) B3 organ (6,7,8)
Jorn swart - Rhodes (3,4,5)
Jim Panels - Modular Synth
John Lake - Trumpet (except 8)
Andrew Gould - Saxophone
Henry Terepka - Synth / Guitar (8) / Vibraphone (3) / Producer
E Scott Lindner - Engineer / Guitar / Producer

Recorded live at Samurai Hotel Recording Studio, Queens, NY
Additional overdubs recorded at Pinch Recording, LIC, NY
Mixed at Pinch Recording
Recorded and Mixed by E Scott Lindner
Mastered by Alan Silverman

Cover art by E Scott Lindner