dustlights make ambient groove and post-world soundscape instrumentals out of sax, bass, drums, and a sheet of effects. Their full-length debut In A Stillness features ten songs that pulse between quiet meditations and psychedelic expanses, with melodies and experimental improvs underpinned by deep pocket.  In other words, dustlights are a vibe trio. Not quite jazz, not quite rock, not quite ambient, and not quite fusion, their style evokes the cross-genre work of artists like Tortoise, Bad Bad Not Good, Pete Rock, Sigur Ros, and The Necks.  Their powerful and resonant debut is music that’s equally as appropriate for headphones-focused repeat listening as it is for playing out of your car while driving toward a volcano on the last day of earth.      

The band’s story began in late 2015 Brooklyn, when saxophonist Joe Wilson and bassist Ran Livneh escaped from their busy freelance musician lives for a few hours every week to explore esoteric curiosities, such as how would Erik Satie and Steve Coleman sound playing together?  Or, how would Miles Davis make post-rock? Very soon they knew they were onto something, and brought in Wilson’s long-time friend and collaborator David Christian on drums. The foundational groove and spacious textures of the dustlights sound soon emerged.

Breaking all the “rules” in their first year, the trio refused to play live shows.  Instead they committed to cycles of creation, destruction, and renewal. Ideas would be born out of nowhere, fed some life, and then torn to shreds. The songs that survived these development sessions would be set in digital stone as an EP.  Fittingly, their first recording session was the last one to take place at legendary Rubber Tracks studio before its demise by high-rise developers.

During the next development phase, everyone’s individual lives took deep dives into cinematic worlds.   Christian got a call to work with major producers Danger Mouse and Sam Cohen on the TV series Man In the High Castle.  Wilson was commissioned to compose and produce a soundtrack for awarred-winning short film “Jake”. And Livneh, who hails from Israel, drove into the heart of “real ‘merica” on US tours with indy art rockets Milan to Minsk.  As visual life merged influences with sonic creations, the band in turn joined forces with a duo of international fine arts and illustration “bandmates” - Toshitaka Aoyogi and Kara Smith- who dreamed up a visual vibe for the record and videos.

In 2018, dustlights have generated the buzz of a good secret, as the band won huge applause from a small avant-garde rock audience of strangers at legendary East Village club nublu;  100x repeat position on a Berlin tastemaker’s private Soundcloud playlist; and earned the attention of award-winning film composer Ariel Loh to engineer their most recent recording session at Stone Studio.  

With the blessing of Ropeadope Records, dustlights are proud to release their debut full-length In A Stillness.

"They put out their debut album out just a couple weeks ago and it’s already earned itself must-rec status.  Quiet and thoughtful, beautifully minimal, this is background music for the foreground."  - Jambase.com

"A vastness you’d never expect from just a trio of sax, bass and drums. Part trip-hop, part soundscape and part postrock, like Tortoise at their most concise, it’s music to get lost in."  - New York Music Daily

"Every now and then, I field a “what next” question, both for people looking to get into modern jazz and those just looking for similar music to explore.  If Portishead is the foundation of that what-next question, then Dustlights would make a fine answer.  They’ve got just enough post-jazz in their delivery to make it an easy crossover from ambient rock tastes." - Bird is the Worm



Joe MF Wilson - Sax, Effects
David Christian - Drums
Ran Livneh - Bass, Effects

All songs written, performed, and produced by dustlights.

1, 2, 5, 6, 8 recorded by Ariel Loh at Stone Studio.
3, 4, 7, 9, 10 recorded by Aaron Bastinelli at Rubbertracks.
All songs mixed by Eivind Opsvik at Greenwood Underground.
All songs mastered by Maceo Fuentes at Element Mastering.

Album Design by Michael Forrey
Artwork by Kara Smith

In A Stillness

Release Date: August 3, 2018