DB3 is the brainchild of guitarist and bassist David Bailis, who after touring internationally with renowned artists for many years including the Pimps of Joytime and John Forte of the Fugees, started his own trio in 2017. What started as a residency in NYC has become an exciting creative outlet for Bailis, with the debut album slated for release in July of 2018. David Bailis’s skilled guitar playing and diverse sonic background shine through in his live shows with influences ranging from jazz, afrobeat, funk and rock. His adventurous compositions and the band’s synergy take listeners on a memorable ride.

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After years of producing, co-writing and playing on countless records, I am excited to release the 1st record under my name. The compositions reflect my diverse musical background, ranging from my love of jazz, afrobeat, rock, americana, and R&B, yet I feel all the tracks still live in the same musical realm and maintain a cohesive spirit.  The major concepts of the songs in this record deal with living in balance, pushing ones limits and striving to have a positive impact in the world. Topics that I discuss and highlight in my blog and podcast- Tourganic

The record was recorded at Mighty Toad Studios in Brooklyn with the execptional engineer Craig Dryer.  Craig was such a valuable resource in the execution of this project with his deep well of wisdom when it comes to the art of recording and mixing. The record was mixed on his vintage analog trident console and has a strong analog feel. I was blessed to have vocalist/emcee superstar talent from Sierre Leone. Bajah on the opening track- The Path. He brings a powerful message along with a masterful delivery.  I have performed many times with each of these musicians on this album and share a deep musical understanding and trust with each and every one: From the core of the trio- Keys wizard Eric Lane and drummer Walker Adams. To the guest musicians- bassist Jordan Scannella, Synths and organ from Adam Ahuja and Nick Videen on alto sax and Morgan Price on tenor. All incredible players and writers in their own right.


David Bailis- Guitar, Bass, Keyboard
Eric Lane- Keyboards, Synth
Walker Adams- Drums
Jordan Scannella- Bass
Bajah- Vocals
Nick Videen- Alto Sax
Morgan Price- Tenor Sax
Adam Ahuja- Synth, Organ

Craig Dreyer- Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer
David Bailis- Producer
Adam Ahuja- Co-Producer


Release Date: July 20, 2018