Dario Deidda

Dario Deidda was born in Italy, in Salerno, in 1968. He comes from a family which has always considered music to be an important part of life; firstly, his paternal grandparents, then his parents who were both pianists and finally Dario and his brothers, Alfonso and Sandro. Dario began to play the drums at the age of 6 but soon fell in love with the double-bass and began to take his music studies seriously. He graduated from the Conservatory having studied the double-bass but broadened his musical knowledge by studying the electric bass and the piano. He describes himself as being an “all-round” musician but jazz is at the heart of his musical world. Dario is a connoisseur of traditional jazz and American songbooks, extending his expertise to embrace more contemporary jazz trends. Despite his great love of the double-bass, it is when he plays the electric bass that Dario’s unique style becomes evident, leading to widespread acknowledgment of this instrument which is rarely appreciated in jazz. In recent years, Dario has mainly used acoustic and semi-acoustic instruments in his search for a truly unique sound.

Dario Deidda has featured as a sideman and recorded over 60 CDs with the above-mentioned musicians. In 2003, he recorded the CD “3 From the Ghetto”, the first released under his name, with Julian O. Mazzariello and Stephane Huchard, produced by GeGè Telesforo for Go Jazz. Guests included S. Di Battista. Dario played in his first solo album for Go Jazz by Clyde Stubblefield, James Brown’s original funky drummer (U.S.A.). He has collaborated with top Italian pop artists of international fame. From 1998 to 2003 Dario played on tour with Carl Anderson (he was Judas in the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar”).

In 1999, he went on tour and played with Pino Daniele. From 2003 to 2007 he was Fiorella Mannoia’s bass player, featured 4 CDs and 2 live video concerts. Dario has held numerous music clinics throughout Italy and around the world on bass techniques and jazz improvisation in music schools, conservatories and universities. Since 2004 he has taught jazz electric bass at the Conservatory of Salerno. His clinic at the Berklee School in Boston, Massachusetts, in 2006 was a remarkable success. Dario’s videos on YouTube and MySpace are viewed and much appreciated by thousands of people around the world. He has won the “Jazz It Awards” (assigned by the well-known magazine “Jazz It”) as best jazz electric bass player for eight consecutive years (2010 – 2017).


Release Date - March 30, 2018

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Produced by GeGè Telesforo
Co-Produced by Dario Deidda

Dario Deidda : electric, acoustic, fretless basses; double bass; up-right piano; handclaps
GeGè Telesforo : percussions; body percussions; snares; drums; handclaps; vocals

Recorded by Riccardo Bomarsi @ Groove Master Studio - Sutri (Italy)
Mixed by Riccardo Bomarsi & GeGè Telesforo @ R&B Studio - Sutri (Italy) on June 2017
Mastered by Luca Bulgarelli @ Bulgarelli Mastering - Rome (Italy)
Cover Photo by Paolo Soriani
Cover Artwork by Gisela Oliverio