© Lydie Nesvadba

© Lydie Nesvadba

C R O W N is an artist / songwriter. her work examines the crisis of womxn: how we are ever-pulled between the potential we see ahead and the echoes of our under-liberated past (and present). her songs tell the story of her own discoveries and strive to illuminate the nuanced challenges womxn face in our every day experience.

the name C R O W N derives from her first and middle names. picked separately by her father and mother, it transpired that both her given names bear the meaning of the word ‘crown’. discovering this symbolized so much for her. a thinker by nature - very much from and of the head (the crown) - she unpacks what she sees around her. this is the driver for her expression as an artist and writer. music and its surrounding cultural practice has been her life - obsessed by how it captures people, emotion and history, and how it asks the questions often too hard to voice. music is catharsis to C R O W N, and an inherent practice passed down by the generations who came before her.

raised in the northeastern Scottish city of Aberdeen, the first in her extended rural family to be reared in a city (albeit a small one), at 17 she left home and moved to Leeds in Northern England to study music and then onto London. she has since lived in Paris, Los Angeles and New York.


‘She conveys more lofty emotion in just a few lines than many artists can muster over a whole record.’ - Bearded Magazine

‘It's a sultry neo-soul affair, mottled with red-lit trip-hop synths and distant beats – there's also a vibrant '90s streak in her voice, recalling the slick tones of R&B icons... While there are similarities to Stateside acts like Frank Ocean, she carves a niche all her own by implementing the very British stylings of Lamb, Portishead and Massive Attack.’ - The 405

‘it’s ethereal, enticing, engaging and beautiful’ - Flavour Mag



Release Date: May 31, 2019

Epicene Art.jpg

All songs written by Stephanie Lauren Thom aka C R O W N
Produced by Mathis Picard
Executively Produced by C R O W N

Vocals: Stephanie Lauren Thom aka C R O W N
Keyboards, Piano and Synths: Mathis Picard
Bass: Kyle Miles
Drums: Jonathan Barber
Additional Drums: Jonathan Pinson

Engineered by Todd Carder at Bunker Studios, Brooklyn
Mixed by Mathis Picard
Mastered by Bob Power

*Additional Composition by Jesse Fischer on ‘Drug’