Cienfuegos is a quintet of post-modern music that uses jazz, rock and contemporary music to create a unique sound mix that appeals to magical realism, exciting improvisations and the incredible mexican imaginary.

Cienfuegos proposes a current and inclusive way of seeing mexicanness, through cultural blending as part of a culture in constant movement and development. The work of the band consists of reflecting the current reality through their music, for which it is important the work of past and present concepts that helps to concrete this vision. The folkloric music of Mexico is diverse and often distant from the current reality that we live, it is the work of Cienfuegos to shorten these distances and create an encounter with contemporary music, jazz and rock.

In search of their voice, the band has resorted to various compositional resources, sometimes individual and sometimes collective, focusing on the ideas that best express the message and work they do. Whether it is the opposition to the war with the narco in the north of the country, or the light / dark duality expressed in the Jaguar ancient history, Cienfuegos finds inspiration and seeks to mutate the forms and the compasses to adapt them to the language they has developed as creative entity.

His first record material Cienfuegos is published in 2016 independently. The LP would include individual and collective pieces, and it was the single "Hormigas" that set the tone for the band's future compositions. This exciting composition inspired by life in the city contains mixtures of psychedelia and noise that are juxtaposed to funk and jazz giving a fun and dramatic result. This album also includes pieces such as "Norte fuerta de Nore", a call to raise awareness of what is happening because of the war drug in the north of the country. "Oración" a meditative piece that exhorts forgiveness and describes the complicated relationships in modern life.

The band is currently promoting its second material called Bestiario Sonoro through the label Ropeadope Sur, this project benefited by several mexican goverment grants(PECDA 2016, Proyecta 2017 and FONCA 2018). The Bestiario Sonoro is a conceptual album based on the pre-hispanic cosmovision of Mexico and our observation of current reality. Taking influences from jazz, rock, contemporary music and mexican music, the album is a unique work that encapsulates the past and present of contemporary mexican music.

The trip begins through the tribute to pre-hispanic gods such as "La Serpiente" and "El Jaguar", shortly after arriving at the Latin fervor in "El Alebrije". The music advances exploring the dual conception of beauty in "El Cenzontle" and the destruction in "El Perro de Agua". The trip of the Bestiario ends in "El Sumidero", a piece that invokes a traditional mexican song that travels through a stream of peace and longing, heading south, to the heart of the mexican cosmovision.

Bestiario Sonoro

Release Date: October 05, 2018



- Musicians:
Sara Ventura - Alto Saxophone  
Chen Quintero - Baritone Saxophone, Transverse Flute and Percussion.
Paco Pérez-Rul - Guitar, Synthesizer, Effects and Percussion.
Carlos Rolón - Electric Bass
Fernando Franco - Drums

Special Guest:
Giovanni Figueroa - Latin Percussions on El Alebrije.

- Engineers:
Mix and Recording: Iram López on GF Studios, Guadalajara, México.
Mastering: Julio Ortiz on V Grado Estudio, CDMX, México.

- Producers:
Music Producer: Paco Pérez-Rul
Executive Producers: Paco Pérez-Rul / Chen Quintero