The Brockettship - by Brockett Parsons

Produced by Adrian Harpham for Big Pulse Productions - co produced by Brockett Parsons.

8.  Minnesota Saturday (featuring Gabriel Gordon)
Brockett Parsons Piano, Hammond spinet Organ, Mellotron, synths.
Adrian Harpham drums, noise synths
Gabriel Gordon electric and acoustic guitars, all vocals
Jonny Goood  - bass
Songwriters Brockett Parsons, Gabriel Gordon

9. 360 degrees interlude 2

10. Lockdown (featuring Rahj, Laval and Jamario Artis)
Brockett Parsons - Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, lead synths
Adrian Harpham drums, drum programming, guitar, synth bass
Jamareo Artis - bass
Songwriters Brockett Parsons, Rahj and Laval from Novatrek BMI

11.  Healer (featuring Adrian Harpham)
Brockett Parsons  keyboards, piano, lead synths, synth bass.
Adrian Harpham drums, drum programming, vocals,foley
Songwriters Brockett Parsons, Adrian Harpham BMI

12. Weirder Fishes (Featuring Leyeux and Spanky)
Brockett Parsons - Wurlitzer, piano, Rhodes, Synth bass, lead synths.
drum programming - Adrian Harpham, noise synths
live drums - George “Spanky” McCurdy
Songwriters Radiohead
Arr. by Brockett Parsons, Adrian Harpham

13. 360 degrees interlude 3

14.  Expressions (featuring Seamus Blake and MonoNeon)
Brockett Parsons piano, minimoog, Jupiter, synth bass, lead synths.
Adrian Harpham drums, drum programming
Seamus Blake - tenor saxophone
MonoNeon - bass
Songwriters Brockett Parsons, Adrian Harpham

15.  360 degrees of NYC
Brockett Parsons  acoustic piano,
Adrian Harpham drums
James Genus - acoustic bass
Brian Newman - trumpet
Jason Arce - soprano and tenor sax

1. 360 Degrees of NYC - Intro (featuring Essai Moralez)

musicians listed by track 15

2. Lift off (featuring Ohene Savant and Peter Gunz)
Brockett Parsons piano, lead synth.
Adrian  Harpham  drums
Ohene Savant - vocals
Peter Gunz - vocals
Songwriters, Brockett Parsons, Ohene Savant, Peter Gunz

3. Ross 128 (featuring Ohene Savant, MonoNeon and AC Lincoln)
Brockett Parsons all keyboards and piano
Mononeon - bass
Adrian Harpham drum programming, foley
Ohene Savant  rap vocals
A.C. Lincoln vocals
Songwriters Brockett Parsons SESAC, Ohene Savant BMI,  A.C LincolnASCAP

4. Whirlwind (featuring Ohene Savant)
Brockett Parsons  keyboards, vocoder
Adrian Harpham drums, noise synths
Ohene Savant   vocals
Songwriters Brockett Parsons, Ohene Savant

5. 360 degrees interlude 1

6. Sunsets (featuring MonoNeon)
Brockett Parsons  keyboards, piano, synth bass
Adrian Harpham  drum programming, foley
“Mononeon’ - bass

7. Thoughts (featuring Johnny Shemz)
Brockett Parsons  keyboards, Piano, Mellotron, moog bass.
Adrian Harpham drums
Jonny Shemz vocals, guitar
Songwriters Brockett Parsons, Jonny Shemz



All songs written by Brockett Parsons except where noted copyright 2018.
Recorded by Adrian Harpham at Terminator A studio, NYC. Additional recording by Matt Muir@Kawari Sound Philadelphia, PA and Roman Klun @HiHouse/Innsbruck Studios Brooklyn,NY.
Mixed and Mastered by Phil Nicolo at Studio 4 Recording Philadelphia, PA.
Additional Mixing Adrian Harpham.