ben rando

Bach is his first meeting with music at the age of eight. Before he learns solfège, his father shows him how to reproduce this music on keyboard.

At the age of 17, he leaves high school and chooses to dedicate his life to music. He studies at lMFP, and then in Marseille and Paris conservatories where he learns to write Big Band music and expands his knowledge in music theory and piano.

In 2006 he starts the Dress Code quintet with Yacine Boularès, Olivier Laisney, Cédrick Bec and Simon Tailleu. Together they record the album FAR AWAY prefaced by the New York saxophonist Chris Cheek.

In 2007 he discovers new improvisation techniques by joining the project Anitya, a multidisciplinary band gathering musicians, dancers and actors for improvised performances directed by a gestual language called Soundpainting. This experience allows him to develop his musical language and branch out from musical conventions.

In 2008, his collaboration with trumpet player Florent Briqué introduces him to electronic music, accompanied by improvisation and jazz. Together they perform on various stages throughout China. (Hong-Kong International Jazz Festival, JZ Shanghai Music Festival, Hunan Grand Theater)

In 2011 he produces several sound illustration albums with G-Sound Records and writes music for different short films. He conceives his own studio for which he becomes a self taught sound engineer. In 2013 he composes and produces the original sound track of the full length movie Merci les jeunes (Réal. J.Polidor).

Around the same time, he solidifies his role as "sideman" and composer by joining several musical, dance, theater and audiovisual projects. He also co-writes and produces what will become the first publication of his own label, Onde Records, titled Days & Moods by French-English singer Anna Farrow

In 2016, Ben Rando brings together a team of exceptional musicians to deliver "True Story", the first album in his own name.

Inspired both by 20th century classical music and contemporary folk, Rando sets the tone with his delicate piano style underpinning dreamy vocals from Sarah Elizabeth Charles. They are accompanied by Yacine Boularès on Sax, Federico Casagrande on guitar, Sam Favreau on double bass, and Cédrick Bec on drums- and they perform with a subtle precision that keps the piano and vocals right in front.

Ben Rando’s music is at a crossroads. It takes a risk by taking simple musical forms and harmonic richness, and linking them through the universal language of Jazz.

true story

march 10, 2017