Angelo Moore & the brand new step

Over the past few decades, Angelo Moore steadily pioneered new frontiers of music totally unique to his own incredible musical artistry. Having risen to fame with the legendary L.A. based band Fishbone, Angelo has always been ahead of his time, coming up with styles and sounds that are still influential in much of today’s popular music.

While still being an active member of Fishbone, since 2014 he has been stepping out in a new direction, redefining himself yet again, collaborating with Bay Area producer Jim Greer and songwriter/guitarist Kris Jensen (along with an incredible cast on their releases such as Stanton Moore (Galactic), Butterscotch, Tim Carter (Kasabian), Boots Riley, and more).

Together, as The Brand New Step, they seek to push the boundaries of music even further, crossing genres from soul to jazz to avant-garde to pop music, fusing together music that allows Angelo's unique sensibilities to shine without sounding like anything that has come before it.

In 2019, Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step have already performed at San Francisco’s legendary Great American Music Hall with the rhythm section from The Coup (Hassan Hurd and JJ Jungle) and are embarking on a tour of the south landing in New Orleans for the Bayou Boogaloo festival on May 18th.

Their new single, “open your mind!” is a testament to Angelo’s constant searching to expand people’s consciousness through music, to bring love into the world through music. Driven by pulsing synthesizers and a trip-hop feel, ‘open your mind’ is a vibe, powerful song with the repeating refrain “open your heart, open your mind’, a message that should surely be repeated in today’s increasingly divided culture.

Side Trip To Jupiter

Release Date: August 23, 2019

written by : angelo moore & kris jensen
produced by : jim greer & kris jensen
mastered by : jim greer
recorded at : Glendale CA, and Opus West Berkeley, CA
engineered and mixed by : jim greer

guitars : kris jensen & james deprato
strings & keyboards : jim greer
bass : rick mckay
drums : angelo moore & claude coleman jr


Angelo_OpenYourMind!_ NEW ART.jpg

open your mind!

Release Date: June 28, 2019

Vocals by Angelo Moore & Bridney Reese / Guitar by Kris Jensen

Prophet 6 and drum programming by Jim Greer / Additional EFX and keyboards by DJ Megahertz AKA Kaeli Hertz

Produced & engineered by Jim Greer / Mastered by Jonathan Kirchner / Recorded in Berkeley CA at the Rondo Loft

chance hayden get something web thumbnail.jpg

Pendulum Swings

Release Date: June 1, 2018

Pendulum Swings
Written by Brandon Arnovick, Jim Greer, Kris Jensen, Angelo Moore / Produced by the Rondo Brothers / Engineered by Jim Greer / Drum programming: Brandon Arnovick / Synthesizers, Wurlitzer, and Bass: Jim Greer / Guitar: Kris Jensen / Saxophone and Theremin: Angelo Moore / Theremin: Angelo Moore / Background Vocals: Cheyenne Moore, Bridney Reese / Additional Guitar: Rick McKay / Bass Guitar: Ashish “Hash” Vyas / Live Drums: Claude Coleman Jr. / Mixed & Mastered by Jim Greer in Berkeley, CA at Opus Studios

Inner City Blues
Written by Marvin Gaye / Produced by Rondo Brothers / Drums: Claude Coleman / Bass: Jim Greer / Guitars: Brandon Arnovick / Vocals : Angelo Moore & Butterscotch / Saxophones: Angelo Moore / Mouth Trumpets and Beatboxing: Butterscotch