André Rievers



André Rievers was born and raised in Brazil and has lived in the US for the passed 30 years.

Andre began his career as a musician in college bars in North Carolina in 1995. He has since become one of the pioneers of the Brazilian music movement in Atlanta, recording 5 albums and performing alongside Marcelo Camera, Charlie Wooten and Rafael Pereira, and sharing the stage with international stars like Bacilos, Renato, Khari Cabral and India Arie.

André was primarily known as the frontman for the wildly popular band Rua 6, with Juan Bonini, Vlamir Abbud, Rafael Pereira, Drew Dudley and Cooper Tisdale. Rua 6 became one of Atlanta's longest running acts, (nearly 15 years,) and was voted best world music band 3 years in a row, marking a constant presence at many music festivals, including the respected Atlanta Jazz Festival.

André's musical influence derives from his love of his native Brazil, and the strong cultural diversity that is translated through Brazilian music. Additionally, his passion and innovative blending of African, American and Caribbean rhythms further identify his eclectic nature.

André moved to LA in July of 2013 where he still shares his music with the world. He became part of the Tribo Records family in 2015.


april 28, 2017

Produced by Khari CabralDaz-I-Kue, Martin Kearns and André Rievers

Performing Artists:

Andre Rievers, Rafael Pereira, Colin Agnew, Jeep Hook, Okorie Johnson, Landon Anderson, Helder Zanella, Martin Kearns, Khari Cabral, Daz-I-Kue, Julie Dexter, Chanda Leigh, Brenda Moorer.

Recorded at 800 East by Martin Kearns and Daz-I-Kue

Mixed by Daz-I-Kue

Mastered by Alex Lowe

Art Design by André Rievers